Infinite Mind Spasms

Extirpate all colors that dim your heart.
Our primary life should not be the bleeding tint of hurt,
but a blush of warm chance with real people,
not the ones soaking in their shades of negative.
They will fade!

Friday, April 15, 2016

To write

opens my heart,
awakes my hand from dreams
that numb my sleep.
to put my words on
a page that speaks of love,
of pain, silent screams.
locked fears, imprisoned
panes crack, then shatter
as my mind transcends, the
pen tells the truth.
the silent page awakes
and my heart can sleep.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Water god

Unlike the inhumane,
she gives nor takes away,
she is just
my lesbian friend.

She washes away fears
with replacement of peace,
she accepts your tears
as tiny masterpieces.

Unlike the inhumane,
her heart is pure,
she is my ocean,
a perfect girl.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I have admired the tree's sleep
and witnessed the season wake
with vivid blossoms and greens,
and all the while this love
remains in water, treading
to live apart, to stay above.

I touch my mother's death,
with daily heartache, a man's absence
of truth, to fall into a presence
of truth, God's embrace.

I have merely a need
for the robe of faith,
maintenance of daily hope,
to feed my dreams, and
to eat from my fate.

I have only loved
when it was granted from above,
I have lost nothing,
everything is a free dove.

I have no lock or key
to keep other's away,
Only a soul of scars,
an unopened safe.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


One does not miss whom
is not loved; nor love
whom is not missed.
One does not want whom
does not feed their soul;
nor does the soul crave
what it does not want.
One will not give to
whom does not love
in return; and the return
of love is, Love.

Off Key

March has made love
and roses are flushed,
I am synced with lonely &
joy, in tune with celibacy.

April will visit and all
the love will spread,
Blooms open their eyes,
my bed marks unwritten.

June invites many moons,
and the ocean will bathe us,
My heart will be true,
as the sea cleanses lust.

Oh, summer!
Will you deliver peace
and fill my cup, please.
July drives me to meek.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Timeless Mona

It is always 9:30
in the days of Mona Lisa,
her life is hanging,
and eyes are still,
or is that a frown
lost in her will?

The bathroom is no place
to hang Lisa's smile...
then again, days remain
with Mona being wrong.

Her hands clap not,
her heart has no beat,
and four hours pass,
her arms never leave.

She is inside her head,
alone on the wall,
sleepless and heartless,
she's always 9:30,
her hair undressed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I box you, yet you
tango around my heart,
I jab, you duck
and dance again.

I don't need a fighter,
I want a white flag.
Don't flee, be my lover,
Don't fight my being,
be my peace today.

Hand me moons of photographs
with tomorrow smiles.
Make my tears shine joy
even when they gleam fear.

With you is better than without...
With you is the planet I want to live.