Infinite Mind Spasms

Extirpate all colors that dim your heart.
Our primary life should not be the bleeding tint of hurt,
but a blush of warm chance with real people,
not the ones soaking in their shades of negative.
They will fade!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

No fault

I am dating karma,
She inflicts paper cuts
and salts the wound,
I am fading, there
is no love in the blues.

Love is not clique
or even a word,
its simply a verb
from a coward.

Karma throws me
like a boomerang,
she has my back
with a  knife in hand.

She is my curse,
and I run to her,
She is my breath
and will be my last.

I thought karma forgave;
I guess she is a bitch.

Monday, January 23, 2017


 I am a woman
wounded by love,
scarred from childbirth.
I have pushed
and my girls pulled out.
Hips of a mother,
a vagina warrior.

I am a writer.
a poet from pain,
a scriber of life.
I have been blessed
and  my innocence cursed.
Hips of a birther,
a vagina warrior.

I am a dreamer
inspired by the world's wrong.
scarred from incest,
I have forgiven;
I am not without sin.
I am a mother
a vagina warrior.


It doesn't dissolve like salt
or melt like hand-held chocolate,

It doesn't drown when smothered; it
doesn't vanish like the rabbit in the hat.

It doesn't melt in the rain,
like the wicked witch of the west,

It doesn't wash down the sink,
it can't be soaked and scrubbed clean.

It bleeds.
The deeper it seeps; the darker the pain.


It's not love if it doesn't
brand your heart.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dear Friend

You are not hard to love;
you are easy to use,
because you give, and give
and give and they take.

Keep giving, and giving and giving.

But not to them, to you...again and again.

Monday, July 11, 2016


I went
beyond your pane
and walls. I slept
inside your mind,
your dream was wine,
red and sweet. Like me,
but spicy and rich;
a bitter twist. I love
sweeter than prunes;
darker than spells.
you went
beyond my wall. I let
you, while I slept.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dickinson Sigh

where are the winds when i wish
they'd wisp me away,
where are the days,
without missing your face?

where are the minutes
where they are mere
'til I meet your heart?
where are the days
where we are not apart?

where are the cities,
I miss in between?
I have never seen you
when, you're not a man.

where is the day
we kneel and pray?
to love with truth
more than faith.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mute Heart

When I follow my heart,
I lose the morning sunlight,
When I listen to my thoughts,
my ambition transpires,
like a fire that burns
endlessly with a spark,

When my soul speaks,
it is alone and free,
when my heart leads
it cries and bleeds.

My intuition blooms
like a virgin with faith,
a sanction of truth
only God can betray.

When the obvious writes
what the heart can't see,
open the ears of fright,
Let the mind speak.